Free Photo: Snoopy the Astronaut Display Sign



Sign describing the story behind the Apollo 10 Charlie Brown Command Module and Snoopy Lunar Module, and the history of the ‘Silver Snoopy’ Award.

In 1968, NASA recruited Snoopy the Dog from a Comic strip called ‘Peanuts’ as a mascot to “emphasize mission success and act as a ‘Watchdog’ for Flight Safety.” Snoopy’s creator, Charles Schulz, enthusiastically welcomed the idea and NASA was permitted to use “Snoopy the Astronaut” for free - as long as Schulz drew Snoopy, and a copyright notice appeared next to the image.

In may of 1969, an estimated one billion people watch the television as Apollo 10’s Charlie Brown and Snoopy modules traveled to the moon from Kennedy Space Center, as a rehearsal mission for the historic moon landing of Apollo 11.

Snoopy remains an honored part of the Space Program. The Silver Snoopy Award is presented to individuals of NASA, other government agencies, and within the industry for ‘Outstanding Performance and Contributions to the Space Program’. The Silver Pin is presented by an Astronaut in a ceremony usually occurring at the Recipient's place of work. Dubbed the “Astronaut’s Personal Award,” it remains a tremendously special honor. (Source: Pictured 'Snoopy The Astronaut' Sign)


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