Dr. John T. Everett - Owner of OceansArt, Dr. Everett comes from a fishing family and has worked 31 years in 13 positions in the Federal Government as a researcher and manager. He is President of Ocean Associates, Incorporated , where he provides consulting services on oceans and fisheries policy and sustainability, as well as on global climate change and its impacts at the global and local level on fisheries and oceans, including adaptation strategies.

Dr Everett has been on or near the oceans his whole life, and has amassed a wealth of water-related photographs. He distributes high quality versions of these photos for free, for personal and non-commercial use. He also licenses commercial use and sells high resolution files and prints through this websites, http://www.OceansArt.US . His Technology website, is a site where he is assembling free photos of technology with a listing of all major inventions, as well as a list of the greatest inventions. The construction of these listings are in their infancy at this time. Dr Everett's ultimate goal is to advance sustainable use of the oceans and the advancement of technology through the distribution of these free photos. He provides, on both sites, digital camera tips, picture editing tips, photo downloading tips, and instruction on how to compare and buy a digital camera.

He also contributes photos to the Marine Photobank.

An expert in his own right, Dr Everett has recently testified in Congressional and Senate Hearings on issues pertaining to climate change and ocean acidification. Additionally, he has been interviewed by major American and Latin Television networks regarding these issues. Materials he prepared for the above mentioned Hearings can be found on his site called Climate Change Facts which he hopes will provide unbiased truth about climate change.

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Susan Everett Linhares

Susan Everett Linhares - Susan is the winner of numerous photography awards and contests, earning her first Award of Merit in the Purina Dog Food Energenic Dog photo contest at the age of 11. Her pictures have also been used or featured on MSNBC, WJAR, WPRI, the Weather Channel, and

Being the daughter of Dr. Everett, Susan grew up around the water. Vacations were spent on fishing docks while her father took pictures. She now resides in southeastern Massachusetts.