OceansArt.us provides free photos of the world's oceans, rivers, lakes, wildlife, scenery, and the human use of our planet's waters.

We have hundreds of free photos including pictures of boats, commercial fishing, sailing and recreation, shore scenes, seals, lighthouses, floatplanes, and forts, plus coastal birds, insects, and flowers. There are free pictures of our favorite cities, zoos and aquariums. You can also buy prints and/or unrestricted, royalty free, licenses for the use of higher resolution digital images. Pictures are available for browsing and downloading by topic. Additionally, you can search for photographs by using the Google site seach box.

We hope that by providing these high quality photos for free, people will better understand the beauty and fragility of our water heritage and will be in a better position to work towards sustainable use and proper stewardship of our rivers, oceans, coasts, and of our land environment. Personal use of these photos is free. Price lists, including rules for photos, high resolution prints, and non-personal use, are under Prints and Licensing. There are many photos: use the Google/site search engine for specific pictures. Visit TechnologySite.org for free photos and lists of inventions and technology. Visit ClimateChangeFacts for unbiased information about climate change.

See our comprehensive digital photography tips : Dos and DontsChoosing a Camera and Accessories , Downloading Photos, and Editing Photos.
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Lobstermen John and Frank heading home on lobsterboat LOOSE GOOSE- Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Geese and Gulls in flight - Rehoboth, Delaware
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Rocky Shores


Coastal Birds

Harbor Seals


Forts and Castles

Lighthouses and Navigation Aids

Sunrise and Sunsets



Canals for Boats

Cape Cod Canal


Harbors & Ports

Fairhaven, Mass. (coast)

Mattapoisett Harbor

New Bedford/ Fairhaven Harbor

Cuttyhunk Island

Port Canaveral, Florida

Commercial Fishing

Commercial Fishing

Lobster Fishing

Lobster Fishing by the Everett Family

Quahog Dredging

Pots and Traps

Menhaden Fishing



Canoes, Gondolas


Ferry Boats

Float Planes

Skiffs, Jet Skis

Cruise Ships

Pilot Boats

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Tugs and Barges


Explorer of the Seas

Norwegian Spirit

Liberty Ship JOHN BROWN


Rivers and Lakes

Potomac River Activities

Potomac River Scenes

World Rivers

Mattapoisett River Race

Thames River, London

Zoos and Aquariums

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo

Racine Zoo, Wisconsin

Heidelburg Zoo, Germany

Karlsruhe Zoo, Germany

Leipzig Zoo, Germany

Quito Zoo, Ecuador      

United States

Fairhaven, Mass. (ashore)

Fairhaven HS Memorial Garden

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery Funeral

New York City

Cape Kennedy Florida



Horseshoe Bay

King's Wharf and Dockyards

St George



Manaus (City)

Manaus Opera House

Manaus Governors Palace

Manaus (Ponta Negra)

Manaus (Rio Negro, Marina Davi)

Vilaparaiso Rubber Plantation, Manaus







Quito by Night

Quito from Air

Laguna Cuicocha

Laguna San Pablo

Ambato-Baños Road


Ambato Market

Quinta de Mera

Quinta de Montalvo



Parque de la Familia

Otavalo Market

Otavalo City


Pailón Del Diablo

Puyo in Pastaza


Riobamba and Nariz del Diablo


Pelileo and Salasaca

Salinas-Guaranda Road

Salinas de Guaranda

Salinas de Guaranda Co-ops

Galapagos, Ecuador

Baltra Island, Turtle Cove

Santa Cruz Island, Puerto Ayora

Santa Cruz, Darwin Tortoise Center

Bartholomew Island

North Seymour Island

Santa Cruz Island, Highlands,

Floreana Island, Post Office Bay

Floreana Island, Cormorant Point

Española Island, Gardner Bay

Española Island, Punta Suarez

Santiago Island, Puerto Egas

Isabela Island, Elizabeth Bay

Isabela Island, Urvina Bay

Isabela Island, Punta Moreno

Fernandina Island, Punta Espinosa


Karlsruhe, Germany



Inca Trail, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Ballestas Islands, Peru

Pisco/El Chaco Harbor, Peru

Pisco City, Peru


Paracas National Reserve, Peru

Lima, Peru

Arequipa, Peru (city)

Arequipa, Peru (countryside)


Cusco, Peru

Cusco City Tour, Peru

Sacred Valley, Peru



Mattapoisett River Overflows Banks 3:51

Cruise Ships Passing & Horn Salute 1:00

Hauling Boats Out at Mattapoisett Wharf 5:35

Coming Soon Coastal Insects Fishing Craft, Workboats, Yachts Shore Scenes Merchant Ships Passenger Craft
Military Craft Harbors and Marinas  Whale Watching Coastal Plants Coastal Flowers Sailing Craft
Content © 2015 OceansArt.US All rights reserved. Photographs on the site are freely available for personal use. However, none may be otherwise used or redistributed without a link back to this site or the prior permission of OceansArt, located at 4007 N. Abingdon Street, Arlington, Virginia USA 22207


OceansArt.us offers free photos of all types of scenes in rivers, lakes, coasts and oceans around the world. Photos are large and high quality. If used for other than personal use, a link back is required. Prints and original quality photos can be purchased. Many other themes are available and only one third of our personal inventory is posted. If you don't see what you need, send as a message. Our goals are to advance sustainable use of the oceans through the distribution of these free photos.

While the waters of the Earth are our passion, we also have great interest in animals of all types, and the great work that zoos and aquariums around the world are performing to assist Mother Nature where they can, and to serve as a substitute when necessary.  These institutions educate the public about the beauty and fragility of all these animals and their habitats, while trying their best to remain focused on their mission in the face of adversity.

We also have a fancy for cities around the world, including the infrastructure of roads, bridges, buildings and water and sewer works that make it possible, but we really love to photograph the people in these places.  As you look at the people in the cities, it is easy to wonder how you would fit in if your job or spouse had to relocate, say to Rome or Ambato.  How would you live, what would you do?

We have a strong affinity for the fishing people of the world, for that is our heritage.  OceansArt.us, has one of the most extensive libraries of wholly owned fisheries images available anywhere. Whether it is a village in Brazil, Ecuador, Peru or the USA, if there is a fishing harbor (or beach), we have photos or are waiting a chance to visit and capture its essence, to share with the  world. If we don't have it up, it may well be sitting in a photo album, a slide, or on a hard drive, awaiting its turn to join its colleagues.(test)





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Visit http://www.TechnologySite.org for free photos and lists of inventions and technology. Visit http://www.ClimateChangeFacts.info for unbiased information about climate change. Visit http://www.ClimateCooling.org for eye-opening biased information on global cooling and climate change and visit http://www.OceanAssoc.com for fisheries and oceans consulting services.

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